Sunday, September 07, 2008

I slept for 14 hours last night, accidentally falling asleep on my couch while watching The Muppet Movie in anticipation of going out. It was like being in college again, except in college I would have needed to sleep for that long because we would have been up all night for a week playing cards and watching for the raccoon, rather than drinking gallons of whiskey and sitting around after hours and then getting up early to work and volunteer. Birthday weeks are exhausting, and awesome, and the No Feelings plan is giving me a chance to evaluate and go, you know, that boy's cute, but he's too much work. Rather than just running ahead, like I usually do.

So far, 26 is not sucking at all. I hope it intends to keep it up. I will sign that petition.

When I arrived at Linda's for our usual brunch they were playing dance remixes of old Madonna songs, so I'm clearly not the only one who was well-rested and excited about another Sunday. I had pancakes and then got a bright purple pedicure in anticipation of going to LA this week, and still made it home in time to do laundry and watch a dumb movie and get some sewing done all before sunset. Sundays used to be my hardest days until I added brunch to them. Bacon is the great motivator.

I am in a confusing sewing rut, because the pattern I am working on is too advanced for me and giving me nonsensical instructions with no good illustrations. I should just copy this dress and make it over and over again, since it's simple and one of my favorites. But I like solving problems almost as much as I like making them, and however much I screw this one up it can't possibly turn out worse than this one did. I hope.

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