Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The heat wave and its indifferent way of killing off my sleep have me feeling all hazy and insubstantial, as well as incredibly cranky and irritable and sometimes irrationally on the verge of tears. I'm being a real peach these last few days, is what I'm saying. As this is how I felt for most of my childhood, too, I can only assume that I would have been a better-tempered adolescent if I hadn't been living on that godforsaken swamp. The heat sucks the energy out of my bones and then refuses to get its hands off of me so that I can sleep and get it back, and I guess that's a good thing because I'm feeling a lot like poking the eyes out of everything I can find that has them. In the world. Only I can't muster up the willpower to do much besides a lot of complaining. It's lucky for us all that summer only lasts for a week here.

That no touching rule applies to you too, heat. Out of my shopping cart.

So to remind myself, a list of some things that are good:

Harold and Maude
whiskey sodas
funny hipsters
dusting off and trying again
not settling for "fine"
cute shoes
cute friends
going to Vegas in two weeks
pretending that the constructions guys can't see in my apartment because it is too hot for both clothes and caring
trying things twice
unrequitable crushes
giant sunglasses
deviled eggs
green clothes
making plans
bullying people into taking me fishing
the lean-in
oatmeal raisin cookies
stomach butterflies
outside butterflies

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