Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear everyone,

Inexplicably, some of you seem to have stuck around since the beginning of the month's flummoxing vote of confidence in my powers to entertain, regardless of my consistent show of performance anxiety. Thanks for that. I promise to try and be less stricken and frankly poleaxed by the traffic shortly. (That, or I'll bribe Brandon into pretending to be me.)

Walking home this afternoon I met a small white kitten. It has been suggested that I live in a different Seattle than everyone else, and I admit that I had to consider that possibility when I lifted the little guy only to discover two ladybugs, one on the end of each paw. Either this city is charmed or I am, and today we were a perfect fit.

In any case the weather is changing and I have had very little time recently for either mean reds or No Reason Sads. In the fall we'll see if that three-ring circus I planted in your yard bears fruit, and if it does we can plan weeks and weeks of dancing bear jamborees and practical jokes on the ringmaster. My last year has been wildly out of control and is only now starting to slow down, and for the first time in ages I truly feel like we should be playing hide and seek in each other's eyes and deciding to be fireflies when we grow up.

I noticed that sly ampersand in the side of your gaze the last time we looked at each other, people, and I know you have something planned for me. For the moment, I'm ready for whatever you've got.


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